The Praedian Records Are Opening

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It’s finally time to kick things off on the main P.R. site. Is it ready? I’m mostly past caring, since the only prep work left that’s worth doing is putting up more information and fixing up the look of the site; that’s a trap and I’m not falling for it. I’m pulling the trigger now and will just have to play catchup for a few months.

Anyway, we’ve got three categories, one for each of my ZAP project’s settings:

Zion Insights

Posts marked Zion Insights will cover topics specific to the Zion setting. Expect a balance of Science Fiction and Soft Fantasy due to the absurdly long timeline.

Aeon Intel

Being a Science Fiction setting, Aeon Intel posts will focus almost exclusively on the technology utilized in the setting, and major or otherwise interesting events. Some of these events will come up in stories I’m working on and some won’t.

Praedia Reports

Praedia Reports will be posts about Praedia specific topics, typically excerpts from pending (or extant) wiki articles. Expect very detailed posts about the mechanics of technology and ‘magic systems’ used in the setting, especially modern era entries.

There’s one more thing to mention before closing out this introduction: I’ve been running some experiments with so called ‘AI’. I don’t really like that term, but it’s going to be too crippling to be an AI illiterate in the era that’s coming, so I’m testing ways it can be used to improve whatever it can improve for me.

I’m no prompt engineer so most of the time I just write everything from scratch without so much as a starter paragraph. I’m sure some people prefer that, but ultimately my goal with AI(LLMs) to be competent enough with them to utilize them wherever and however I want.

All that to say that while most posts on P.R. will be written from scratch, occasionally there will be one conjured up with some kind of AI assistance. I’ll mark those posts to let readers know so there’s nothing to wonder about. No technicalities by the way; if I use one letter from an AI engine in any part of a post that isn’t a quote/excerpt from somewhere else, it gets marked. People can do with that what they will.

That should just about do it. I’ll be posting here regularly to keep myself on track and my projects going steady. For posts not necessarily related to the ZAP project, check out my personal blog.

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